Cast Iron Pizza Pan, 14 inch, with 2 potholders

Bake perfect, authentic old style pizza with this Cast Iron Pizza Pan
$79.47 excl tax

You and your family will love the perfectly baked, golden crusted old style pizzas with this cast iron pizza pan. The cast iron heats up faster and retains its heat longer than other cookware. Sturdy loop handles give you a safe an secure grip, and it comes with a pair of silicone potholders. This pan measures about 13 1/2 inches across. It's easy to clean with just hot water.
Not only for pizza - you can roast vegatables, bake bread, heat up tortillas, bake cookies and french fries. Use it as a griddle to cook up breakfast. Use it on the grill.
You'll love this pan's versatility, and your family will love the meals you make with it.